UK Based Creative Arts Professional Working Across Music, Venues & Festivals

I am an arts professional working within the independent sector across creative development, corporate partnerships, artistic programming, community outreach, strategic communication and progressive team management. I have diverse experience across multiple sectors and organisations, with established industry relations in the UK, North America, Europe and Oceania.

Back in 1989 I stepped into the grassroots punk rock scene of Australia, performing, producing and managing the artistic output of my own work and that of my friends. Over the years I have developed the same DIY attitude across all that I do, with the clear vision to support new and important art and guide this work to the right audiences. Finding art, building delivery mechanisms and engaging with people who will benefit the most, is what I love.

Alongside artistic development, operational planning is an area I have substantially built over the past decade. From restructuring HR initiatives and planning to overhauling funding, sales and communication strategy, I have successfully guided organisations to find the right people for the team and the best tools to deliver the organisation’s objectives.

Independent art is integral to a balanced and productive community. Helping guide creators, organisations and audiences has been my focus throughout my career and what I will continue to build on for the organisations and communities I work with.